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Since monday I'm proud owner of a new Dell Latitude D830 and got rid of my shoddy HP Pavilion - what a relief! With the additionaly provided keyboard and mouse MX3200 from Logitech I have to overcome some difficulties and wonder why sometimes features have to turn into bugs. By the way, windows is getting on my nerves (who wonders....).


My new DELL Latitude D830 arrived today and I'm really happy with it, even if the design is just the opposite of a mac.

I told my DELL supporter that they should engage more women in their business design team... However, it's stable built and I can dock it to the docking station I bought additionaly. Since I got to know the amenities of a dockling station I don't want to miss it anymore. In a few weeks my 2208WFP European UltraSharp 22" Wide Flat Panel (sounds pretty cool, huh...) will be delivered and I will have my dream-workplace. Till now I worked with my HP Pavilion notebook and I'm very happy that - thanks to ebay - I finally got rid of it (but that's a different matter).


How to deactivate the zoom function of Logitech keyboard MX3200

With my Latitude D830 I had ordered a Logitech Mouse-Keyboard-Combination MX3200 and I must admit that it's quite nice to work with a "real keyboard" again. But in point of the MX3200 I feel confirmed in what we call in german "Verschlimmbesserung": Making a bug out of a feature.
The predecessor MX3000 had a nice to handle scroll-wheel to make use of a zoom function (whoever needs this, is another point...). WIth MX3200 this wheel was replaced by an optical sensor which executes a zoom function every time you get on it with your hand, your fingers etc.. What an annoying "feature"! You alway have to care, that you don't touch this part of the keyboard. (Besides, every time it happens, the speakers make a beep that everyone around you can hear that you just touched the zoom function...) The worst is, that there's neither a button nor a hint how you can deactivate it. Googling around I finally found that there's a special key combination to kill this "feature" : Just press the function-key (FN) and the button marked with an x at the left of the shift-key. Enjoy your peace.


I just want to move some files but Windows is discussing and complaining with popups and warnings.

As you already my have notice, this is my new-office-hardware week. Well, it's been now nearly ten hours that I try to move my data from my old HP notebook on my - you may have guessed it: new! - WD MyBook. But with Windows it's really soul-destroying: Every ten minutes you have to check if it's still moving the files, confirm the popups or start the whole process again. "Do you really want to move...", "Shall I move Thumbs.db....", "Cannot move....", "You don't have the rights to move..." etc etc. By now, I have 10 GB left and my nerves are on the ground.

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