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Duchess Coding Dojo 2 - More TDD Practice

Friday, September 10, 2010 from 18:00 - 22:00

Due to the success of our first coding dojo, Duchess is organizing another coding dojo for more TDD practice, this time in collaboration with JTeam.


A coding dojo is a meeting of developers who collaboratively solve a given programming challenge. It is an especially good method to learn TDD.

To give you an impression, this is how it goes: A pair of developers begin the challenge by writing a first test. We use only one computer and all the coding can be seen on a big screen. Everyone is invited to comment and give advice. When the first test succeeds, a next test is written. The programming pair goes back to the audience and a new pair takes their place to solve the next test. Specific programming or Java knowledge is not a pre-requisite. We are all there to learn and to help others learn what we know. It's very interactive. And trust us, it's a lot fun!

You are welcomed to join us on Friday evening, September 10, at  JTeam in Amsterdam
for a coding dojo  to practice TDD.  We will start for food at 18:00 and will move to the meeting room to start at 19:00 and go until 22:00 at the latest.

Space is limited. Register at

As usual, we ask a voluntary 10 Euro participation fee to cover the operating expenses of Duchess. Thank you for your support.


Fredriksplein 1

Amsterdam 1017XK
The Netherlands

There is street parking nearby and easy access with public transport.

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