November 2009

Windows 7 64bit and iTunes 9

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Windows 7 64bit and iTunes 9

Windows 7 (64bit) and iTunes 9 currently don't seem to like each other: iTunes comes with an own CD Driver (GEAR Driver) which can cause a disfunction of the CD / DVD Drive. My problem for example was that my drive didn't recognize any more any CDs / DVDs.


Searching the web I found different solutions which were all quite similar but none of them really worked: Depending on the solution either my CD / DVD drive didn't work or iTunes always said on startup that I should reinstall again because driver entries for burning / importing CDs were missing.

In the end the solution was simple (as so often):

  1. Be sure to have downloaded the 64 version of iTunes (you find a small download link on the left side panel at the iTunes download Page).
  2. Install iTunes (just click "go on" and "go on" and...)
  3. Restart (just to be sure...)
  4. Go to the registry (execute => regedit)
  5. Search for the key {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    On the right side you should see an entry called "UpperFilters" with the value "GEARAspiWDM" (if it is not there please verify in your system configuration that the Gear CD Driver has been installed by iTunes and try google search. This will help you to solve this issue.)
  6. Now comes the tricky part: Add a multiword value with the key "LowerFilters" and the value "" (just nothing).

Windows 7 Registry LowerFilter für iTunes

...should work now :-)

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